De tentoonstelling GELINKT zal vanwege het Coronavirus en de bijhorende maatregelen niet openen op 15 maart en gesloten blijven tot tegenbericht.

De opening wordt voorzien op latere datum.

We houden u op de hoogte.

Inspiring meeting rooms in Antwerp

Our high-end, fully equipped meeting rooms are designed with an eye for comfort. Located in a green and peaceful environment, Co-Left provides a full personalised service for every meeting.

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Reigerstraat 2 Linkeroever 2050 Antwerpen

Co-Left explained

Built by renowned Belgian architect Léon Stynen and converted into Linkeroever’s first co- working space in 2017, Co-Left provides a quiet setting for professionals who wish to benefit from its many advantages. Ideally located at a stone’s throw from Antwerp’s city centre, being able to get around is just one of the reasons why you will love settling into Co-Left. There is also the unique outdoor recreational area across the road,

which will allow you to catch your breath in between meetings. If you are interested in a place that offers the best of both worlds, then look no further. We have all the advantages of a fully-equipped office building in combination with the uncanny spaciousness of the left bank of the river Scheldt. We can safely promise we’ll make a day at the office feel like a walk in the park.

Old picture of the building 1
Old picture of the building 2

Offices & meeting rooms

  • Room: Stynen room
  • Room: Vanaverbeke room
  • Room: Flex desk 1
  • Room: Corbusier room
  • Room: Flex desk 2

Full service

Co-Left offers a full office experience, providing all functionalities of a modern office space. This includes free broadband wifi, access to the Italian coffee machine, fresh fruit, and a variety of office supplies and notebooks. Each room also functions as a fully equipped meeting room with a 4K presentation screen and useful flip charts.
Some useful locations in the vicinity:

  • The galgenweel, a 1km wide lake (150m away)
  • Easy acces to city center through the Pedestrian tunnel (750m away)
  • Small grocery store/sandwich place (1.5km away)
  • Liberty Yacht club (2km away)
  • Several restaurants located in a range of (3km away)
  • Basic Fit Gym (3.5km away)
  • Large supermarket (4km away)
  • Lunch Garden (4km away)

  • Logo for full catering
    Full catering service available
  • Logo for printing rom
    Printingroom available
  • Logo for statutory registered office
    Statutory registered office

Location & History

Léon Stynen is one of the most influential names in modernist architecture, which emerged in the first half of the 20th century and became dominant after World War II. Stynen constructed several buildings in Antwerp, ranging from the more modest Elsdonck living complex in Wilrijk to the monumental Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp which later became the home of Radio 2. Stynen’s proposal for the development of Linkeroever goes back to 1932 and was chosen above the plans submitted by none other than Le Corbusier. His vision for a broader urban design resulted in the construction of six residential buildings, one of which now houses Co-Left. As Stynen’s relevance to the current outlook of the city is to be revered it will be highlighted by the Flemish Institute for Architecture throughout 2018.

Front of the co-left building
Back of the co-left building